Pagerank – the rules for blogs

We’re all sick of the pagerank posts, i’m sick of writing about it and reading about it and i’m now tempted to filter out the word ‘PageRank’ 😛

Anyway, here’s a lighter post regarding the latest Pagerank update.

PageRank Q3 2007 – The New Rules

  • Set up a brand new wordpress blog on own domain = automatic PR3.
  • Buying traffic/links = Evil, Bad, Must Die (Rather ironic as Google have bought YouTube, Feedburner, Blogger etc for hundreds of millions of $$ and place/intend to place ads on them all) 🙄
  • Link to JohnChow*, instantly -1 PR. Praise JohnChow*, instantly -2PR.
  • If they don’t display adsense or have removed it, but are still making money online, add them to the ‘blacklist’ and keep an eye on them.

*JohnChow is the anti-google. We can’t really de-rank him completely as that will look bad and he may come after us, instead, we’ll go after his fans and hope they will turn against him, forcing him to use adsense/adwords only. Investigate all incoming links to him thoroughly and bitchslap them all.

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