pagerank disaster for top bloggers

It seems the pagerank update is slowly but surely showing it’s face.. and it’s not a particularly pretty face it seems…

A while ago, i blogged about how JohnChow was chopped down by the PageRank police.

It seems TylerCruz has become another victim…

These guys are high profile bloggers.. they are controversial at the best of times and have undoubtably surfed on the crest of the ‘get paid to blog’ wave.

Google do not like that wave, as Google believe they have created the wave and the likes of PayPerPost and Text-Link-Ads are signing up all the surfers to use their equipment. So Google is now jealous and trying to get it’s own back.

TylerCruz has been chooped down to a PR4 (from a PR5). Chow came down from a PR5 from a PR6.

So nobody knows what Google is at, but one thing is for sure – Pagerank, as we know it, and as i explained it, has changed. It’s no longer about getting as many links as possible. I’d hazard a guess that google are now clamping down on unrelated outgoing/incoming links or any clear evidence of paid links/reviews.

I don’t think Tyler or John will be packing it in and looking for regular jobs.. but it’s certainly a kick in the nuts to see all the link building go down the drain (well, in google’s eyes). We then get back to the traffic – v- ranking debate which everyone has different views on… but boil it down to it’s simplist terms and traffic = money.

So for many bloggers, this update, at the minute, will be one to forget 😎

4 thoughts on “pagerank disaster for top bloggers”

  1. Google are being a little ridiculous though in some ways. I mean John Chow doesn’t even show up on a search for his own name apparently, which is a huge weakness in terms of accuracy in their search. I still can’t wait for the overall pr update though, hopefully if I manage to get a pr I’ll be able to take part in payperpost and other things like that.

  2. yeah, they’ve de-SERP’ed john chow and text link ads, so they’re making it public that they don’t like the whole ‘make money online without adsense’ thing.

    you don’t want to have google as an enemy but then again does google want to have influential bloggers as enemies? 😈

  3. no doubt many bloggers/webmasters are not going to be happy when they look at that little-green-bar that rules our lives over the next few weeks.. But Google has said all along that it does not like ‘unnatural’ links, and now they like paid-links even less.. I guess Google needed to make examples out of a few of the big guys to prove their point and to prove that they DO have the power..

  4. 😡 I’ve decided not to waste any more time chasing PageRank. I mean google could just as easily turn around a cancel the whole thing. My blog is still at PR0 👿

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