pacman on google homepage

pacman 30th anniversary

To celebrate pacman’s 30th birthday, Google have devoted their homepage to him. It’s not your ordinary, run of the mill Google doodle. It’s a real, interactive pacman game, just teasing you to start playing. It also comes with sound and Google have changed their ‘i’m feeling lucky’ button to ‘Insert Coin’ which resets the game…

The digital walls which pacman has to navigate are put together cleverly to recreate the google logo and it’s all very un-google like. What happened to keeping simple?! Games? Sounds? If you don’t do anything for a few minutes (and lose your lives) google will automatically redirect you to a search for ‘PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary’.

No doubt this will reignite interest in pacman as that’s the power of front page google exposure :mrgreen:

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