ordering an n95 this weekend..

Ireland – supposedly we have the highest standard of living in the world 🙄

And in fairness, we are pretty wealthy. The average family has a nice house worth about €400,000 and 2 cars.. then there’s the holidays, the weekends away..

All a far cry from 20/30 years ago when we didn’t have a stick to beat ourselves with.

So with the Celtic Tiger, technology boom and all that craic, why then, are our phone networks always last in the world when it comes to releasing new phones 👿

The n95 was launched a couple of weeks ago in the UK. Still no sign of it here and it WON’T be here until early May. The networks will bullshit us off with the excuse they’re ‘testing’ it. Rubbish. I don’t care about that. Nobody cares. The bottom line is – the networks have failed to keep up. Had they pushed the issue and worked with nokia, there’d be no problems.

3 years ago, i had the exact same problem with my nokia 6600 – it was released in the US and UK and about 5 months after, eventually it came out here.

If i see a phone on the net, i want it. I expect it to be released when nokia release it. No pussyfooting about, no excuses.. i’m willing to spend €6/700 on a new phone and you don’t have it and won’t have it for another month. I’d understand if it was due to shortages or software issues, but no, it’s down to laziness.

So this weekend, i’ll be shelling out for a sim free nokia n95 from the UK – a country which actually stays up to date and wants to be the first, that won’t settle for what the manufacturers tell them 🙄

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