Orange and Vodafone ban VOIP to safeguard revenue..

Couldn’t believe this when i heard it. Apparently, Vodafone and Orange in the UK have disabled VOIP on the n95 in order to safeguard profits.

It forces users to pay for voice calls rather than get them for free via wi-fi and a program like skype. Nasty move, pathetic in fact. They’re essentially trying to ban new technology so that they’ll profit of old technology. 🙄

I pity the suckers who bought an n95 from those greedy fools. A huge selling point of the n95 is that you can use it to make free calls and texts with wi-fi access. That’s one of the main reasons i bought it. I can make and receive calls and texts for free via the internet, through my mobile, so long as i’m at home or have free wi-fi access.

Depending on how much you use a mobile, it could save you thousands of €€€€ in the long long. 😉 There would be war if my network (o2 ireland) decided to follow these eejits in the UK. I would kick up and get a petition going if necessary.. you cannot stop technology – that’s exactly what these guys are trying to do.

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  1. Amazing, this should be illegal, or otherwise easy to hack. They are targeting the wrong users, those who buy a phone that can connect to a wlan of any kind are looking after VOIP comms.

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