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Tonight i’ll be taking theleavingcert.com offline and revamping it. Over the last two weeks we’ve got rid of leaving-cert.net and re-branded it as students.theleavingcert.com. We then created a completely new site called forums.theleavingcert.com…

Those two sites both incorporate our new logo, design & layout however our main site (theleavingcert.com) has remained untouched. Up until now. We’re now ready to go live with our third site revamp and this is the one which will tie all the sites together nicely.

You’ll be able to navigate through all of our sites using our unique ‘site switcher’ tool. Ok, maybe it’s not unique, we may have borrowed the idea from someone 😉 but it’s a great way to bring subdomains together.

Since we first launched students.theleavingcert.com, traffic has been averaging almost 1,000 visits/day which is double what theleavingcert.com & leaving-cert.net were getting even when combined. Not only that, the average time on site has doubled and page views per visit have also increased. This revamp can only help strengthen the relationship between all of our sites.

I talked before about ‘outside the box’ features and we’ve yet to send them live but hey, one step at a time. The master plan is finally all starting to come together nicely. We’re far from finished though… there will be at least two new sites being set up under theleavingcert.com umbrella.

  • theleavingcert.com
  • students.theleavingcert.com
  • forums.theleavingcert.com
  • ???
  • ???

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