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Ever since i first came across digg i’ve been fascinated by it’s simplicity and effectiveness. Pligg is an open source clone but at the end of the day, it’s just that – a clone. There is plenty of room for mini digg like sites, and there are several success stories, there always are with clone sites…

Determined to drag my college more and more online and show them benefits of doing so, i went in hunt of a digg like system to manage ideas but i wanted to find something closer to dell’s ideastorm website.

Enter ideatorrent – an open source digg-like feedback system for managing ideas and suggestions. It’s early days, i’ve yet to really test it out and get familiar with it, but it’s a hidden gem and i can tell that just by looking at it.

Ubuntu use it, the BBC use it (well, ok, an arm of the BBC) and it’s definitely going to grow and grow quickly – the likes of getsatisfaction and uservoice (which powers the feedback area of this site at the minute) are growing all the time, but this is a much stronger solution as it’s open source and can be hosted on your own site (integrated in to it – it’s based on drupal which by the way is also growing in popularity). This is the sort of system which is perfect for me – it’s an area i’m strong in – ideas.

Expect to see an idea based site very soon from me and i can single handedly keep it afloat. I don’t care about people stealing my ideas – work away…. you steal my ideas, i just come up with more. You can’t steal my brain. That’s the attacking mindset i have and that’s probably the reason why i have so many – because i never settle with the stuff i already have.

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