Only in Ireland

I read this and just said to myself that’s typical. Lack of organization, communication and cop on from a variety of different people in the same department.

Only in Ireland would you see this sort of rubbish. Pure waste of money – €500,000 spent of developing a new website that already existed under ownership by the same government department 🙄

The Irish Republic has shut down a public service web site after it found that it already had one doing the same job that had been set up and run by the same department.

It was discovered that the four year old site was providing information already available on despite both being run by the Department of Social and Family Affairs. managed 18,000 visitors in one year while citizens got 2.5 million. will close after the Irish Public Accounts Committee said it was a “total waste” to have both sites running. Proving that cost overruns in the public sector are universal, the committee said that the cost of the Broker system, on which the un-needed web site was based, had gone from €14 million to €37 million.

Disgraceful 😡

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  1. Nothing surprises me but reading the original article in the Indo it would seem that the overall cost savings through the development of various websites has run to the tens of millions. It doesn’t excuse wastage, but at least some money is being saved somewhere.


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