one year anniversary..

A year ago, i bought my first domain name and hosting package. I went with DreamHost.

A year ago i had no idea how to make a website, how to work a server.. i didn’t even know there was such things as php and perl and all those languages. I’d heard of html and java – that was about it. The rest was gobble-de-guk.
Why did i buy a domain and host? The real reason was to push me into learning about how websites work. I wanted to learn html and how to get a basic site up and running (i never intended to make a living out of websites, i wanted to be an IT manager). So i got hold of dreamweaver and quickly realised it could do the html for me – nice one 😎

After a while this domain – became my first live and active website. Standard 5 page website with a custom skinned php forum, chatroom and a manually updated ‘news’ page. Needless to say, it didn’t last long. Zero traffic, about 3 members and a site full of ads 🙄

I guess we’ve all been there 😆 That was my first lesson. So determined to carry on, i designed and added articles – they’re still on it today (no nonsense, ‘what you need to pass’ articles). I also added a forum on there and that went rather well.

From then on, i’ve been hooked. Stumbled upon wordpress, became decent at it, learned the tricks of the trade in SEO and the rest is history. So although i have a few sites under my belt, i actually can’t code at all or design at all 🙄 I *understand* coding and design though, which i feel is just as valuable.. for example, when installing plugins into wordpress, you need to understand what you can’t and can edit and what goes where.. so although people will say any eejit can put together a blog, that’s not quite true 😉

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