one week of college left!

Where did that year go? Well for starters, the ‘year’ consists of 9 months Mid September – Mid May.

I got a week off for Halloween, a week off before christmas exams, about 4 weeks of christmas holidays, 1 week staff development break in March, 2 weeks of easter holidays and after next week i’ve another week off before exams.

Catholic Social Teaching class
Creative Commons License photo credit: Susan WD

Throw in one or two bank holidays and the odd strike or two aswell.

  • Total weeks off: 10 (2 and half months)
  • Total time spent in college working: About 6 months

So 1 year in college = 6 months in reality. A 3 year college course is really 1.5 years of actual ‘turning up’ work. Still, that doesn’t make the course or the work any easier, it still has to be done.

Once i complete these summer exams i’ll have finished 2 of 3 years. I’ll end up with an ordinary degree in Computer Applications & support next year (2010). The following year (2011) i hope to finish up with an honours degree in IT management which sounds much better. Anything with ‘honours’ & ‘management’ in it looks good 😉

Beyond that then i’m not sure what will happen. I could go for a masters degree in something but i’d have to weight it all up. 2 years is a long time in IT and it’s very dificult to predict at this moment in time what i’ll want to do in two years time.

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