one week of classes left

skools out

Yesterday for the first time in a long time, i was tired. That’s nothing unusual, but i was tired to the extent i wasn’t in the mood to go online which is pretty rare. I battled through the tiredness anyway in a bid to keep my record going but i could do with more time off just to recharge myself and luckily for me, i’ll have that time off from Friday…

I’ve a week off to study for my summer exams which start on May 11th and finish on the 20th. That means i have just 5 days of college left this year. I don’t think i’m in danger of failing any subject but as i keep saying that doesn’t mean i can put my feet up… it doesn’t mean i’m not under pressure. Whilst college is a nice way to live, things have to be done and results have to be achieved… it’s only now (this time of year) that a lot of people begin to realize it.

Next year will be pretty important for me… i’ll be doing an IT management degree and as part of that, i need to complete a project on something… i’m determined to make damn sure that project is about something interesting and if i get my way, i’ll be turning it in to something i can blog about and work with online.

Over the summer i’ll come up with a few ideas and hopefully i’ll get the nod to go ahead with one when i start back in September. Still, that’s a long time away and for now, i must focus on getting this week over me and passing exams.

After that, it’s a chance for me to get creative all summer long and enjoy being free from college for a few months. I’ll also have brand new surroundings to look forward to in September.

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