one thing you can’t plan for…

Death. Today my gf’s granny died which came as a shock to all. Although she hadn’t been well, death was not on anyone’s minds in the short term.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Dave_B_

Luckily we had nothing planned this weekend – no holidays, no meetings etc… in fact i had scheduled a post to appear tonight which was titled ‘taking it easy this weekend’ which basically explained how i’d nothing on this weekend and how i was looking forward to just chilling out and sleeping in…

That’s been flipped on it’s head of course, so what i had thought would be a nice relaxing weekend will turn in to a real draining one.

So if i don’t get posting much over the weekend, this is the reason why… it’s all a far cry from last weekend when i went skydiving for the first time! That’s one of the reasons why i did go skydiving last week though – you never know what’s coming around the corner…

5 thoughts on “one thing you can’t plan for…”

  1. I cant wait to try sky diving, but on another note, the only way I can have a chill weekend is to not answer phone calls and not turn on the computer on thursday and friday, so that way I wont have any weekend work.

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