one more day

where to next

Tomorrow will quite possibly be my last ever day sitting college exams, or being in college as a student at all for that matter. I face a tough ‘financial management’ exam but i’m confident i’ll do enough to pass it and pick up my honours degree at a final farewell ceremony in October….

Just a stepping stone

Unfortunately, this financial management subject like most others are just statistics to me. They hold value in that they contribute to me getting a degree in IT Management, but i see most of them as ‘disposable’ subjects i.e. subjects i study because i have to, then ditch them after exams. Ironically, ‘financial management’ is a subject i’d like to dispose of after tomorrow but one which i’ll spend the rest of my life studying or worrying about in some shape or form whether i like it or not.

The Next Step

After tomorrow’s exam i’m be packing my bags and heading out of the country. Not to start a new life, but on a weeks holiday. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the destination. Could i live abroad permanently? Possibly, it’s one of many options i’ll have to think long and hard about over the next couple of weeks but i’ve always seen that as a last resort.

Job creating (i.e. self employment or starting up a business) seems like much less of a bloodbath than job hunting but then i must question if i posses all the skills and determination to make that work. Decisions, decisions… of course the beauty of thinking out loud like this is that i’m constantly questioning myself, even if i’m just thinking about how to word these sentences. It’s something i’ve been very careful to ‘protect’ over my years in college. It’s extremely easy to blog now and again but it’s difficult to maintain a consistent post rate under all circumstances.

MoleskinehCreative Commons License photo credit: Amir Kuckovic

Over the past two months or so my blogging consistency has been destroyed. I’ve claimed college work is the excuse, which it has been most of the time, however i found myself at times wanting to write, or ready to write but because i’d broken momentum i just wasn’t sharp enough and over-thought things. Yesterday was a good example. I just couldn’t think about what to write and then the midnight deadline came and went. Today could have been the same but i came to my senses and told myself to write without fear, even if it means writing down the first thing that came in to my head.

What’s important isn’t necessarily the content (at least not for me!), but more the habit and rhythm of writing daily and the mental ‘sharpness’ that brings. ‘Creating’ is what i like doing and getting stuck in is the hardest part. Tomorrow, one chapter of my life will end and the next one will start with plenty of ‘creating’. Project, projects and more projects, that’s the message from Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley and that would be my own view too;

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