one day of college left

Today i had a programming exam and failed it miserably :mrgreen: The reason for that green smiley though is because i could afford to fail it miserably, in fact, i could afford to get 0% in it. I had 40-something out of 50% going in to the exam meaning i’d already passed the subject. Out of the 50% on offer today, I reckon i got about 12%.

too big to fail?
Creative Commons License photo credit: goldberg

This year & next, if my average mark is above 50% and i pass all subjects, i can do a 4th year (which is the plan). Last year, although it didn’t count 🙄 i got an average of 64%. It’ll be around the same this year and probably next year too.

The years do fly by… doesn’t seem long ago i was blogging about my first day in college. About 60 people originally started the course with me back in September 2007. Out of that lot, less than half will be going in to 3rd year with me.

Some just didn’t like it and dropped, others were there for the money and left in year one… others just didn’t make it to year 2 (not for the want of trying), and now in year 2, several will either have to drop out or repeat year 2.

It’s interesting to see a group get chopped in half like that… the funny thing is, as the numbers go down, the work gets easier as the lecturers can talk to us, not as us – there’s more interaction. It’s also easier to form groups with people now than it would have been in the first few weeks in first year. Generally, people are fairly committed now and aren’t missing days, not handing in work etc… you can trust people more.

Anyway, i’ll spend the rest of the week relaxing and not doing much work… starting next week though, my summer starts and i’ll be surrounding myself with work. I’ve got thousands of sites to work on (well ok, slight exaggeration 😉 but i’ve got a good dozen or so that need my attention!).

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