One day left at work…

Today was in many ways my last day at work. I am working all day Sunday 11am-6pm, but it will be quiet and there won’t be many staff in.

So i said most of my goodbyes today 😎 Many people are curious as to what i’m doing, and i get the impression they feel it’s an easy ride.. ‘oh, so you’re working at home then..’

Yeah sure, that’s a perk.. but what about the 60+ hours i’ll be putting in, never mind the 30-40 hours i’m putting in atm? 🙄 You hear of these dot com success stories, seemingly a 3 step process… idea -> site-> money. If it were as simple as that, wouldn’t we all be millionaires 😉

I’ve never once said this is easy or will be easy. In fact, it will be more challenging for me and that’s one reason why i’m leaving – to challenge myself and get the best out of myself. I’m in no mood to sit back and doss around. I’m not a cowboy builder :mrgreen:

However, people expect me to succeed at whatever i do (i’ve been told that regularly). It’s more pressure for me, as i’m expected to be successful at this, but then again i love pressure, expectation. I feed on it for motivation.

So one day left, and i’m a free agent. I can enjoy the summer and eat ice cream whilst strolling around parks and going swimming in lakes. 😛 yeah right – the only place you’ll see me this summer is in my bedroom on my laptop.

An exciting few months lie ahead for me, that’s for sure. The plan at the minute is to head to college in September. I don’t want to go to college if i can help it. I’m more energetic and productive at the minute than i’ve ever been in school, i feel college could bore me and drain me of my enthusiasm but we’ll see what happens..

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