old desk new desk

Yesterday i skipped a couple of lectures to try and find a good desk for my new office.

I found one, and today i went back and ordered it. €265 for a 6ft corner desk. I blogged about it yesterday.

I’ve also marked out roughly where it’s going… to give you some scale, this is my current desk & laptop inside what will be my new desk 😀

They were supposed to ring me back as they weren’t sure if they had one in stock, but no phone call so i’m assuming it’s not in stock and i’ll have to wait until next week sometime.

My monitors didn’t arrive today, so surely they’ll arrive tomorrow 🙂

Also, a bit of good news in that i can now get a Dell XPS 420 with everything i want for about €750 which is a fantastic price.

The only thing holding me back is that i can’t add a quad core on this particular deal, only a 3ghz dual core which won’t suit me. The dual core is ideal for gamers, as most games aren’t design for quad core yet, but the quad core will be great for video editing, image editing etc.. i plan to do a lot of that.

So i’ll have to hang on another bit on the XPS, but i’ll still be able to set up the desk with dual monitors & surround sound system so this time next week, i should be able to give you guys more pictures.

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