Officially a College Student..

Today was registration day for me in DKIT.

So i had to register, get my ID etc.. and had the option of getting a tour around the college which i took. Here’s my new ID card – discounts galore with this 😈


This was the first time i’d ever been in the college.. i had intended to go an open day last year but i think i was away at the time.. so a bit of a gamble on my part as it didn’t know what to expect..

Anyway, my mum came with me.. she was off, and family/friends were invited to the open day.. no, it wasn’t me being a big baby :mrgreen: it was just a great excuse for her to get shopping in Dundalk 🙂 We don’t have a penny’s, superquinn, harvy norman, marks and spencers or any of that craic in Monaghan were i’m from and she won’t drive up to Dundalk on her own (motorway, 3 lane junctions/roundabouts etc..).

After about 10 mins of waffle/welcome talk, they took all the students out seperately and brought us up to the library for a brief intro to the library, then onto registration which took like an over an hour with massive queues 🙄

Anyway, i have to say, overall i was impressed. Very modern, very spacey, very creative/peaceful atmosphere.. i have everything i need; ATM, small shop, huge restaurant, pub, library, nice lecture rooms (what i seen).. there’s also a brand new hotel right next door so no doubt i’ll spend a night or two in there if i’m feeling lazy, have exams or something and don’t want to travel home…

The only downside i can see is the car parking, but they’re introducing pay parking, plus have built an additional 300 spaces, so the demand for spaces will defintitely be going down, as it will hit students in the pocket to park on campus 🙄 The area is pretty rough so although there are retail parks/housing estates closeby, i wouldn’t fancy leaving the car there all day, particularly coming into winter with more darkness and all that 🙄 But as i get to know the area better, i’ll find out the secret spots from the locals.

So i’ve got the rest of the week off… a few massive sleep in’s and late night surfing sessions are what i have planned. After that, it’s back to reality after about 3/4 months of freedom from real life jobs and education. I feel like i’m on death row 🙁 I was shattered getting up this morning at 8am, maybe that’s because i didn’t go to sleep ’til 3am 🙄 No more of that starting next week 😕

In the library, we were aksed to introduce ourselves to the person next to us.. the guy sitting next to me was called Sean and he was from Monaghan 😯 Freaky eh? What are the chances… (that’s my name and location also)

Anyway, not many females there.. as expected.. so i’ll wait and see what sort of group i’m with next week. Exciting times ahead anyway.. it’s all so real now..

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