office goodies arrived

office stuff

Earlier today, all of my office supply stuff arrived from, well most of it. Here’s what was in the box;

Box of stationary

Office Stationary

Bic Pens

Missing was a ball of 200 elastic bands & a first aid kit although it did say on the docket the bands were ‘to follow’. The first aid kit is a mystery so i’ll have to see what the story is.

Binding Machine

I’ve quickly tested the binding machine (took me a few minutes to get my head around how it works) and it does what it says on the tin. So no more paying to get stuff binded or no more stapling reports together… i have my own machine 😈

Binded Document

Binded Document

White Board

The white board i got is magnetic & fairly large so it will do nicely as a kind of ‘noticeboard’ for me where i can stick up notes and stuff. I’ll have to find a place on a wall to put it though. More pictures of that once it’s up.


I got two staplers, one for college, one for home. The college stapler is just a normal cheap stapler, the home one has it’s own docking station, with a staple remover & a low staple indicator. Total staples in reserve for both of them? 6000 🙂 So i go from stapler rags to riches overnight.



I’m not quite finished yet with my home office revamp but i’m getting there. I could do with some storage boxes and desktop organizers too but i’ll probably just get them in a shop. The whole idea behind this is to increase productivity & organisation. The slightest change or improvement in my environment makes a big difference. If i can save seconds or find a way of doing something better, it gives me a mini ‘boost’.

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