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I’ve decided to invest in some office equipment mainly because this is my last year in college and it’s also the most important. Having basics like paper clips, staplers, pens, folders etc… does sound basic but it’s often overlooked…

Of course i do a lot more than just college work at home so this stuff is a wise investment, even if it is what i’d class as a ‘luxury’. It’s not just small tools either i’ll be getting, here’s what i have on my list;

New Chair

New chair vs. Old chair... FIGHT!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Dodson

When i got my desk & PC a couple of years ago, i had also planned on getting a chair but made do with an old leather one. The chair i’m sitting in now is probably about 10 years old and it’s fairly noisy and squeaky. Considering i probably spend more time in it than i do in my bed or on my feet, i’ll appreciate a comfy, quiet new chair 🙂

Binding Machine & Accessories

Creative Commons License photo credit: Digitalnative

In college, i’ll always have the odd assignment that needs to be binded. Now if it were up to me, i’d ban all paper / printing of assignments in college as i think it’s completely unnecessary, but it isn’t up to me so i have to play by the rules. Also, when it comes to printing instruction manuals for websites, this will be very handy. It will make things look very professional and not from a garage.


2010-08-11 18.11.20
Creative Commons License photo credit: killbox

A whiteboard would be extremely useful for me and it’s a very under-rated tool. To do lists motivate me and if i had one every day staring me in the face, it would be a pretty powerful weapon. Obviously i don’t need a classroom size whiteboard, but a mini whiteboard i could stick on a wall might just be the smartest thing i ever buy to increase productivity.


Hello, Jet Pens..
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lost in Scotland

You can never have enough pens. There are two types of people in this world; those that buy pens and those that steal them. I’m pretty sure that if i were to buy a box of 100 pens, they’d all be gone year later. I always try to keep my desk loaded with as many pens as possible. With markers & highlighters, i usually leave the lids off them or not closed (by accident) and then they dry up so i need an endless supply of them too.


The Old Library
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kennedy Library

You can never have enough storage devices. Just like folders on a computer, if you have a few of them they’ll all be filled with clutter. You need sub folders & sub sub folders for ‘proper’, ‘true’ organisation. I’ll be trying to organize all of my papers & documents once and for all.

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