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Straight after i published yesterday’s blog post about getting office supplies i spent some time online checking out some of the major online office supplies websites…

Battle of the office supply websites

‘Viking Direct’ immediately springs to mind… when i think ‘office supplies’ i think so they’ve done something right. I browsed their site for hours, added a whole pile of stuff to my shopping cart and saved it. But rather than blindly order stuff from one source, i decided to check out some alternatives and i was glad i did… was cheaper for most stuff, plus i noticed through their facebook page they had a special 10% off coupon this weekend for their facebook fans. That swung it for me. Here’s a list of stuff that’s on it’s way from;

  • two staplers
  • scissors
  • sellotape sticky pads
  • 8 bic pens (the 4 colour ones)
  • binding machine
  • 100 binding coils
  • 100 covers for binded documents
  • 50 envelopes
  • 200 elastic bands
  • magnetic whiteboard with marker & eraser
  • tip ex
  • 4 pack of highlighters
  • 3 notepads (200 page)
  • 12 pack of post-it notes (100 in each)
  • first aid kit for the car

Ebay Chair

Buying a new swivel chair was another thing on my list. are famous (at least on for their cheap leather chairs but i didn’t just want a cheap leather chair, i wanted one that actually looked comfortable and better than my existing chair. Both & both had really nice ‘executive’ chairs but they were all pretty pricey. For the type of chair i’d like, they came with a price tag of €150+.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Thomas Hawk

So after checking out a few other options i turned to ebay and found a bit more success there. I stumbled upon this chair and instantly shortlisted it along with some others.

After a few unsuccessful bids i finally won with a bid of £34.21 + £19.99 delivery. So it was about €68 in total and i’m pleased with that because it looks much more comfortable than most chairs i’ve seen.

My current chair is black leather but it’s pretty hard and has a relatively straight back. This new chair looks to be a lot softer and has good back support plus it’s slightly taller too. It should be much more comfortable than what i’m sitting in right now but i’m basing all that on a few pictures… so we’ll have to wait and see just how comfortable it really is. Anyway, all of this stuff should arrive by the end of the week so i’ll have plenty of photos & reviews.

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  1. I like this comparison, I have found viking rough to deal with and deceptive in their marketing and pricing structures, I’m no way technical so I like the straight-forward-ness of, I also have received their platinum discount card, not a credit card just plain and simple 10% off all purchases, Thanks Seán, Huntoffice purchaser and Psychotherapist.

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