off to a good start

When i first agreed to do a skydive, little did i think it would turn in to an online competition and eat up all of my time online – but that’s exactly what’s happening.

I’ve spent the past 24 hours preparing banners, trying to find sponsors, trying to clear up the rules and how things will work plus getting myself organized with excel spreadsheets.

Feedback has been good so far, i’ve had a few people put up some pretty useful prizes and hopefully that will continue :mrgreen: I won’t start naming names or prizes just yet as i want to bombard you guys with a whole bunch of weird and wonderful prizes to get us off to a flying start on September 1st.

Over the past few days i’ve been having a look at how other online competitions have gone and generally, they seem to go down well for everyone bar advertisers/sponsors. Although i can’t offer floods of traffic just yet, i haven’t seen anyone do something as creative as this…

All my sponsors who donate prizes get their logo on a t-shirt which i’ll wear during the skydive. Whilst the logo may be small and not clickable :mrgreen: i’ll be sure to give the t-shirt plenty of coverage and make sure the videos and pictures of the event are seen by plenty of people.

Digg, Stumble, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Bebo, Facebook, Forum Sigs etc…. possibly even offline coverage (college newsletter perhaps..)… it’ll go far beyond the walls of this blog 😉

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  1. well, i won’t see anyone stuck… if you’re kind enough to donate a prize i can simple add your name /nickname in text 😉

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