Off the Ball

As part of one of my college modules, i had to create a poster / banner for a fictional game. Could be on any topic and the only guidelines set were that it had to be priced at $39.99 and it be made by a fictional company called ‘games up’.

Off the Ball

It was pretty well received… didn’t think it was anything special myself as it lacks a ‘web 2.0’ feel and looks half film / half game. The images could have been cartoonized or touched up with power meters and rather than have 4, i could have just gone with one and less text for maximum impact.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the rings around the ‘Off The Ball’ logo – they just sit there and add nothing whatsoever only to break up the logo from the main text / images. Anyway, like i said, it went down well so there you go… more perfection isn’t needed 😉

I’ve also just thrown together a really quick light saber effect demo and put it up on youtube;


We’ve plans to take in a Jedi & light saber in to the Dragon’s Den as part of another college project. Above is really patched up job, but it was simply to demo what sort of effect can be got. The real thing will be much more polished than all of these short clips i’m uploading here and there. Anyway, as you guys can see, it’s college that’s eating up all my time 🙂

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