October 2010 Review

october 2010 review

October will be remembered as the month i graduated and picked up my first degree but it was also my first full month with the iphone 4…

There’s an app for that

Early on in the month i was addicted to testing out apps. I must have downloaded hundreds of apps and searched for many more but at this stage i think i’ve got that out of my system. I now have a small number of essential apps organised neatly in to folders.

Thanks to the iphone, i’m now using foursquare regularly and i get to read emails & messages on facebook quicker. Gone are the days when i don’t get to check my email until i get home from college. I can now send & receive emails & messages on facebook with ease as well as upload pictures to flickr and post quick updates to twitter.

Waiting around killing time has never been so much fun! I’m also *trying* to get my hands on a second hand mac mini in a bid to teach myself how to make iphone apps. I said a while back the reason i wasn’t buying a new mac mini is because i felt they were stupidly overpriced.

It would appear apple agreed with me because they slashed the price of a new mac mini by almost €100 yesterday. You can now pick one up for €719 or €676 if you’re a student. That’s still far too much i feel but then again this is apple we’re talking about, lowering prices isn’t their style which is why i’m surprised they cut the price on mac minis.

Fake profile experiment on facebook

Just for the ‘craic’, i carried out an experiment on facebook where i created two fake profiles; 1 male, 1 female. I then added 10 male friends and 10 female friends to each of my fake profiles.

I was trying to see whether were more likely to accept females or vice versa. Read in to the results what you will but i found it fairly interesting. Scale it up and add more friends / carry out more experiments and i’m sure we’d start to see patterns emerge.


Just a few days ago i was in the college canteen wearing a suit with a ‘cape’ over it, sipping tea with my fellow graduands and family as the sun was shining outside. As i write this blog post, i’m in the same spot but i’m all alone in jeans and a tshirt and it’s raining outside.

This is ‘reality’… it’s these ‘normal’ days which eventually lead to days like graduation.

A graduation day comes about after about 500 ‘normal’ days. Days like today won’t be remembered, they won’t stand out, but they’re all equally important in the grand scheme of things.

Idea generation for dissertation

October was also the month i really started thinking about topics for a dissertation. I’ll be spending all of next semester working on it, so it’s important i choose a topic i’m interested in and know a bit about.

If you were to plonk me in any business right this second and tell me to ‘add value’, i could probably contribute more to their social media / blogging / web / SEO stuff than i could to any other IT area.

The irony is i’ve done little (if any!) of that stuff in college, it’s all been self taught. Although i have until next month to submit my proposal, i’m eager to nail it down as soon as possible and start work on it.

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