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Over the past couple of days, i’ve been fascinated watching the US presidential campaign. I’m not in to politics, never mind foreign politics, but we can all learn something from the sort of mind games that go on between Obama and McCain.

So McCain announced he was postponing his planned presidential campaign stuff to focus on the current economic crisis. In other words, he was trying to show he has the interests of the country at heart above his own personal interests to become president. He was also trying to show leadership plus he called on Barack Obama to put off his campaign stuff too.

It was a very clever move… almost snookering Obama. If Obama did indeed call off his addresses and meetings and what not to focus on the economic crises, he’d look like a follower so it would be a victory for McCain.

However, if Obama chose to ignore McCain and carry on, it could perhaps have left Obama out on his own and losing some friends as he could be seen as selfish and putting his own needs first.

So it was a real catch 22 for Obama and it forced Obama to come out and say something and take sides – i’m sure McCain thought he had Obama snookered as i myself thought there’s no way Obama can come out of this looking good.

Then, Obama comes out and says (in a nutshell) – “sure, we’ll focus on the economic crisis, but a good president can multi task and do several things at the one time – that’s what is required on a daily basis at this level. So i’m gonna run my campaign the way i want and i’m also gonna help solve this economic crisis”.


So what started out as a McCain attack on Obama, ended up with Obama dodging a bullet and firing it back at McCain :mrgreen:

You just know these two guys have an army of advisors and physchologist and gurus around them so it really is fascinating to watch how they (a) attack and (b) defend.

5 thoughts on “Obama > McCain”

  1. Not one of them will fix this economic crisis because they have not once said anything about getting rid of the ‘federal reserve’ (which is not federal nor has it any reserves) – who have caused this economic crisis in the first place.

    Doesnt matter which one gets in they will just be as bad, if not worse, as bush; they are both being funded by the same people – the new world order mafia. They both want a one world government. They both want war. Obama recently talked about attacking Iran for a “world order” and at his germany speech he said:
    “the GLOBAL citizen will be required to do more, not less, to tackle the problems facing us” – most people in America already work at least 46 hours a week to get a shitty pay check.

    Not only that, Obama is related (yes thats right family related) to Bush and Cheney.

  2. but Obama is young, energetic and more ‘with it’ than Bush or McCain are…

    he just looks and sounds different… i can listen to him without getting bored :mrgreen:

    the rich are now effectively on state benefits though whilst the poor pay for those benefits – that’s just the way it’s gonna be everywhere.

  3. I have watched and listened to Obama and for sure, this bloke got substance. Every time I listen to him, am more impressed.

  4. What about the other 4 candidates running? Have you listened to them? Obama and McCAin were put there by the same people who put kerry and bush there… its a one party system with 2 factions.. its a mafia..

    Neither one will help the economic crisis. This bail out plan and nationalizing banks is making it worst putting more burden on the tax payer while the bankers, who caused this crisis, leave with big fat retirement funds..

    im glad the bail out plan failed but all it is is a decoy for the federal reserve has printed 1 trillion dollars in that past 2 weeks alone!! causing the devaluation of the dollar even more!

    The solution is the nationalise the IRS (which should be according to the constitution) and to stop printing so much money and return to a sound money system… if a dollar bill falls into the ocean it will be worthless in a 100 years whereas if it was gold or silver it will always retain its value.

    In a depression wealth isnt lost its just transferred into fewer hands!

    Martial law has already been declared in America so the elections might not even take place! http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=C5S0jsHLFCg

  5. In short Obama and McCain both want war and more printing of the money

    its simple, they print the money out of nothing and if you cant afford to pay it back real wealth is took from you..

    the FED LOANS money with interest to the gov (like here in the EU) …. where is the gov going to get the money to pay it back with interest when they dont print the money… so they have to loan more and then more causing inflation and loss of value in their currency… the borrower is always slave to the lender… and as thomas jefferson put it “dont spend your money before its earned”

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