not enough hours


There’s 168 hours in a week yet i’m always looking for more. In reality i sleep for about 49 of them and drive for 10 of them. Lets allocate 9 for eating. That leaves 100 hours for college & play…

I think i have about 24 ‘class’ hours in college per week. I probably spend about 12 hours per week in college but not in class. So we’re down to 64 hours now in unallocated time. I go swimming / see girlfriend for about 25 hours week, that brings the total down to 39 hours.

Those 39 hours would probably go something like this;

  • 30 hours work
  • 7 hours college stuff
  • 2 hours TV

So I can’t change much… the big obvious chunk of time i could do something more productive with is the time in college. About 12 hours. Then again college is pretty draining and working during my free time mightn’t be smart… i find it very easy to ‘burn out’ in college. Not really a case of too much information, but too many questions i’ll ask myself. As i said at the start of the year, we’re doing much more theory / management / business stuff this year and i feel that’s what i’m good at.

Asking myself questions is a good thing of course, because it means

  • i’m focused and listening to what’s happening (as opposed to day dreaming)
  • i’m much more likely to try to find answers which involves research
  • i’m challenging myself

All of that stuff suggests my brain is happy or at the very least not bored. So overall i probably feel more interested this year than any other and of course it helps having new surroundings. It’s like a completely different experience (a better one).

Although my life is pretty timetabled and scheduled, i’m probably as happy as i could be with my own worth ethic and commitment to everything right now. As the year goes on i’ll have less time for work and i’ll need to dedicate more time to college outside of class hours but that’s all to be expected. I’m prepared for that. It’ll be interesting to see what things are like come next April when the heat is turned up to the max. I doubt i’ll have the luxury of being able to blog about it. At this stage, blog time becomes potential study time so i’ll probably ban myself from blogging…

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