nokia n95 sim free

I’ve just ordered the sim free nokia n95 for the cheapest price i could find anywhere – €676 including tax and delivery.

Nokia n95 Sim free

Rather than risk ebay, i decided a few days ago to bite the bullet and buy from a reliable source at full whack.

Ironically, that price is actually cheaper than some ebay sellers so i’m fairly happy with my buy. I was expecting to pay about €710, so the extra €30-40 off was a nice little surprise and it can go towards a 2gb micro sd :mrgreen:

Bloody hell, do i need it! 5mp camera with MPEG-4 movie capabilities + a standard VGA camera on the front, mp3 player, integrated gps system with maps, wi-fi, bluetooth, TV -out, video calls… the bundled 160 MB internal memory is obviously more than enough for that lot 🙄

So i’m expecting delivery to be late this week (today is Monday) or else next week. The reason why it’ll be slow is that i had to pay via bank transfer, as mobilefun won’t accept credit cards outside the UK.

Thankfully, i’m with NIB who have a superb online banking system – the perfect bank for online geeks like me who like do do everything electronically. I can’t tell you how much time i’ve saved with e-banking. Credit cards bills can be cleared, bank transfers can be made instantly… i can also pay off the parent’s bills in exchnage for cash, so that saves me going to the ATM..

The only time i go into my bank is to lodge my adsense cheques :mrgreen: that’s the way to have it 😉

So with my n95 on the way, i now have to decide what i’m going to do with my 6600. €550 it cost me 3 years ago. Still going strong. They go for about €70 on ebay so i might go for that option, or else i’ll hang on to it and store it away so that i can sell it as a ‘classic’ in 10 years time 😆 the 6600 was THE phone back in 2003/4. The equivilent of the n95 today, it crushed all it’s rivals and had everything in the one package.

Ironically, it was the first ‘big buy’ i bought when i got my first job. 3 and a half years later, i’m leaving the same job, and the n95 will be my last ‘big buy’. 😯

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  1. I do like the look of the N95. I’m resisting this time, I also had the 6600 when it was first released – got another one now 7650? It’s not as good as the 6600.

    re: banking… I hate having to go in to the bank to deposit cheques – does your bank charge for conversion? You might be better getting a wire transfer from google if that’s the case.

  2. no, it’s all free for online transfers 🙂 so i’ll be charged €676 only. Regarding the n95, i’ll quote from a review i read somewhere.. can’t find it now.. but it was generally negative.. the guy didn’t like it but had no real solid reasons why:

    “don’t get me wrong, the n95 is the best phone i’ve ever had, but it just doesn’t live up to all the fuss”. 🙂

    I think that sums it up well. The n95 is not perfect, it has a poor battery, gps is slow to start off, it’s expensive.. but that’s really all i’m hearing.

    At the minute, and 3/4 months from now, it will still be the no.1 phone out there in terms of capabilities. The iphone will no doubt rock the boat, but it still can’t touch the n95 specs wise.

    from engadget: “this is one of the best smartphones and perhaps the best S60 device we’ve ever laid hands on, but let’s be honest, $750 can be a tough pill to swallow”

    coming from people who have literally reviewed every phone out there and love their gadgets, you find it hard to criticise the n95. So if you can afford it and need and upgrade – it’s the perfect choice.

    I’ll give a full in depth review when i get my hands on it :mrgreen:

  3. yeah Geogire, i know, but this way i can post pics of my cheque and prove my income to my readers. I think i’ll live with cashing a cheque once a month. 😆

    Also, it feels like money when i get the cheque into my hands, if i use EFT, it just seems like numbers to me, and i don’t feel i appreciate it as much.

  4. Hey!

    Followed right in your steps 😛 AIB also has easy international online transfers (free as well, €12.75 for urgent ones).

    Can’t wait for that baby to arrive!

  5. good stuff 😛

    hopefully bank transfer doesn’t take too long.. usually it’s about 4/5 days 😥 so we’ll be looking at getting it tuesday/wednesday next week i reckon.

  6. According to my bank, this side of the transfer is complete. But no acknowledgment on mobilefun’s side 🙁 Gotta be more patient!

  7. yes, this is normal.. it takes 4-5 days to go through.. i’ve even been posted out a confirmation slip from NIB that the transfer took place, but it always takes a few days to go through. I’m still predicting i’ll have my phone next wednesday, and i think mobile fun will confirm payment tomorrow – friday.

  8. Well, I hope you have better luck than me. I also ordered a 2GB microSD card, which has now been shipped, but now they claim they are waiting on stock of the N95!!! Though their main page claims it is in stock!

    It had been a long time since I had such time of problems. Once I get the phone I’m gonna write them a lovely review!

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