No winner of the biggest Irish lotto ever..


There was no winner of the €13m lotto tonight/last night (Wednesday 25th July) 😉

It means we’ll have a whopping €16m on offer on Saturday 😯 That’s bigger than the standard euromillions jackpot 😆

My girlfriend gave me €2 today do the lotto for her and asked me to split any winnings; i was pretty angry as that meant i’d have to go halves with the €13m 😡 €6.5m each.

So what would i do with €16m?

  • I’d give €1m to family friends.. maybe not in cash but in cars, holidays etc..
  • I’d spend about €5m on a house (custom designed), cars and state of the art technology/security/gadgets…
  • That would leave €10m.
  • I’d probably invest €5m in small start up projects or shares (pretty boring, but hey – i’m 20, i’ve another 50/60 years in life and come 80, i could be broke if i just blew everything now).
  • I’d leave €5m in the bank and live off the interest. (more security – see above).

If i did win, i’d remain anonymous, but that would leave me in an awkward position – i’d be 20 years of age, have no college education and be currently unemployed, yet i’d be building mansions and buying new cars :mrgreen: Pretty tricky to fly under the radar.. 🙄

2 thoughts on “No winner of the biggest Irish lotto ever..”

  1. Aw man, working in a place that sells the Lotto, and I work every goddamn Wednesday and Saturday. Past few weeks have been insane.
    In other news, I lost ALL my blog posts, and had to start again from scratch, but now I know to keep back-ups 😆

  2. €16m it’s crazy money for the Irish lotto. I’d probably buy a house, new car and invest the rest in bonds, shares and fixed interest accounts. I’d take about €3m though and probably set up my own company in Financial Services or Venture Capital because if I didn’t have a job I think I’d go crazy! 😐

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