no overtaking today..

Everyday i have to overtake several vehicles on our crappy national roads heading to and from college.. (two lane roads).

I’m not talking like one or two, i’m taking about a dozen each way, so about 20 per day. Most are tractors or slow moving lorries/vans and you get the odd car for no apparent reason, who just decides to stay well below the speed limit..

Anyway, coming home today, for the first ever, i didn’t have to overtake one single vehicle.. every car was bombing along nicely at 100km/hr, with just the odd stop due to someone turning off into a sideroad.. so long may that continue… no stress, no pressure, everyone comfortable and all legal.

It’s what i’d call the perfect drive home :mrgreen:

However as usual, i have another idiot story to tell from this morning..

A guy pulls out of a side road and is slow enough to build up speed (fair enough, that’s understandable), so i slow gradually, acknowledging he needs time to build up speed… he then pulls in to the hard shouler as if to say – pass me out, i can’t get up to speed quickly enough and i’ll let you on your way…

So i decide to overtake as he’s only doing about 70km/hr at this stage and i’m travelling at 100km/hr, slowing down to maybe 90km/hr. So i’ve a clear road ahead, indicate, pull out etc.. and then the fun starts…

The car i’m overtaking – who beckoned me to overtake him and moved into the hard shoulder, puts the boot down just as i’m level with him.. 😡 extremely dangerous and forces me to either brake or accelerate hard to get past him…i chose the latter option and put the boot down to get past as i thought it was the safer option, but admittedly i would have smashed the speed limit, probably doing about 120km/hr to get past.

All thanks to the eejit who thought he’d have a bit of fun playing me into oncoming traffic, a potential head on collision at 200km/hr or more 😡 Once i got past i immediately slowed back to around the 100km/hr mark and low and behold the car i’d overtook pulls way back, certainly not doing the 120km/hr he’d forced me into doing.. ok, so maybe i should have braked as i knew i was breaking the limit, but i did have a clear stretch ahead, plus there were a few cars behind so i’d then force them into braking etc.. which may have been more hazardous..

I just can’t wait until i get operation dash cam up and running as you guys will see for yourselves the sort of crap that goes on here on a daily basis..

2 thoughts on “no overtaking today..”

  1. there’s a few reason why irish drivers are the worst in the world..

    1. you can get into a car and legally drive without ever having driven before,

    2. people can’t drive at speed due on two lane roads to being over cautious/inexperienced..

    3. Outside of dublin, we have basically no motorways, so we’re stuck with all the benefits of single lane traffic 🙄

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