no college tomorrow

This week i just have a few hours of college on Thursday & Friday, which of course means i have the next 3 days off 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: ~FreeBirD®~

I love having time off from college because it allows me to catch up on college work (and ensures i can’t get any more), plus it usually means i have a bit of time to get working on client websites or my own projects.

Here are some more perks of a day off;

  • I immediately gain 2 hours on a day off because i’d normally spend 2 hours per day driving to and from college.
  • Don’t have to worry about getting parked.
  • Don’t have to worry about wifi.
  • I get to wake up whenever i want (generally get more sleep which means i’m motivated / ready for the day ahead).
  • Don’t get sleepy or bored (happens a lot at college in lectures, free classes etc..)
  • I choose what i listen to / when i work (at college i don’t really have that choice)
  • I have dual monitors / decent PC to work with at home (at college i just have my netbook)

They’re just a few things that spring to mind. A lot of it is all physchological of course… a bit like a football team playing away from home. It’s always easier / more comfortable at home in familiar surroundings.

Simply knowing that i have to drive to and from college is enough to tire me mentally. It’s not easy, especially this time of year when it’s dark & cold. Because i have to focus 100% of the time for about 2 hours per day on driving, surely somewhere along the line i pay for that by not being as alert in lectures as i could be. I’ll never know of course, but i am very aware of what’s good for me and wht isn’t, even if i can’t prove or explain why.

In terms of work, i work much better at home and am probably much happier working at home simply because i’m in control and call the shots on everything.

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