no car should be without one


I’ve spoken before (going back 3 years!) about how i think all cars should come equipped with cameras & automatic alert systems. It just makes sense. If people think they’re being monitored constantly, they’ll drive better and are less likely to take risks, speed, do something stupid etc…

Big brother in your car

I’ve no doubt over time we’ll eventually see cameras in cars become compulsory, acting like a ‘black box’ in airplanes. Think of how many “your word against mine” accidents could be solved with video evidence or how beneficial video would be to police / detectives.

Not only that, if your own driving is monitored constantly, you’re less likely to take risks and more likely to ‘act’ as a model driver. Everyone else is in the wrong. At the minute, everyone else is wrong but you’ve no proof to show that you’re in the right… so minor collisions end up in the ‘your word against mine’ category.

Thinking bigger, let’s say pictures are taken every 5 seconds and sent to a huge data center somewhere. Gardai have access to it. All cameras have built in GPS. So lets say i’m involved in a hit and run… gardai can search for cameras in the area at a specific time and get different pictures from other vehicles…

Of course that makes sense but because it makes sense that means it will probably never happen 😉 well probably not in our life time.


I’ve been looking at this ‘roadhawk’ for a while now and thinking to myself just how useful it could be. It’s a small, purpose built camera for the car with a built in gps. Watch the video and tell me you don’t want one 😉

By the way, i’ve never been involved in any sort of accident (yet) so nothing has triggered this post, it’s just something i’ve always been interested in. I find it very difficult to describe some of the frustrations with driving so i just don’t bother most of the time but with video i could explain everything quite clearly.

Here’s another interesting video which showcases why we need cameras…


The downside is it costs over €200 for one of these devices. You could argue of course it’s worth it for the peace of mind and the potential money / hassle it could save you if you’re involved in an accident.

Still, i’m sure i could have great fun editing footage from this… a few years ago i was experimenting with a regular DIY camera & mount and got some great footage but that was all very disorganized & random plus i was a rookie with editing videos back then. It’s so much easier these days.

I haven’t got one of these ordered or anything, but it is on my wish list. Right now, a stereo system that integrates with my iphone 4 is top of my ‘list of things to do with the car’, followed closely by a new set of tyres & alloy wheels. If this winter is anything like last winter where we ran out of grit and the roads were like ice-rinks, i’ll need all the grip i can get :mrgreen:

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