No. 1 in Google

One of my original sites has just been crowned no.1 in Google for it’s keywords. has beaten off even the mighty wikipedia and government sites for the keywords ‘the leaving cert’ both on the .com and .ie versions of google.

It’s also no.6 for ‘leaving cert’.

It’s a major achievement as you’ll see it’s pretty competitive with loads of leaving cert related ads for those results.

I’d actually forgotten about it tbh, but with a PR3 and wealth of unique content, it is probably one of my bigger sites.

I’d love to convert it to wordpress and have sub forum off a blog, mainly because i could do serious damage SEO wise if you gave me wordpress over joomla. I could pull in all sorts of related keywords and really attack which is the big player in this niche.

It’s a time consuming process though… without revenue, anyone outside ireland wouldn’t flinch at this site mainly because they don’t understand the niche or the leaving cert. So selling it would be a waste in many ways.

During the summer, or perhaps over easter i might sit down and re-jig it again. It’s too good to let go 😎 A magazine style wordpress theme, similar to problogger’s would be perfect. Import the current forum to a wordpress forum get a few leaving cert students to blog and i’d have a very up and coming educational site on my hands which won’t ever really generate serious money, but the target market holds the key to viral marketing and it could prove to be a handy launch pad for other sites i may have.

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