NI International Airshow 2010

airplane in the sky

Some of you will remember this post i made back in April. That airshow was cancelled soon after because the Red Arrows pulled out due to a collision which meant they needed to replace & train another pilot…

These days there aren’t many airshows in Ireland mainly because nobody is willing to foot the bill or take the financial risk. So i thought i was going to have to wait another year but maybe not… i found out there’s an airshow on in Portrush on September 4th/5th… the NI International Airshow. That’s just over 3 weeks away and Portrush is fairly close to the Giant’s Causeway so i’ll know my way around that area pretty well having just been up there last weekend.

The line up is also much better than the line up that had been scheduled for the Punchestown Airshow in june, plus this one is free. The Red Arrows will be there on the Saturday;

Red Arrows 14
Creative Commons License photo credit: Shoey*

but there’s also a Eurofighter Typhoon;

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rusty_CallyT2007


RIAT 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: tataquax


Spitfire PS915 (Mk PRXIX) 1
Creative Commons License photo credit: Monster.

Hawker Hunter

Hunter 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: ahisgett

And many others. So weather permitting of course, i’ll more than likely be in amongst the 200k people expected to turn up over that weekend.

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