new type of wheels?

We have the ordinary wheels that burst when they hit sharp objects or when subjected to massive amounts of heat.. then we have the run on flat tyre’s… they can be ‘burst’, but they will auto inflate themselves for a while so that you can make it home even on 4 flat tyres :mrgreen:

Now, we have the ‘tweel’ – an airless wheel/tyre. I’m not sure what the comfort would be like in terms of absorbing shock (going over potholes) or going over rough land, but i like the general idea.. it prevents ‘blowouts’ and thus could save a few lives. I’d imagine they’d last a bit longer than traditional tyres also.. anyway, here’s a video i came across on metacafe.. if i had to name the single greatest invention, it would have to be the wheel 😛 where would we be without it?


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