New Theme Lookin’ Good

The new theme i’ve been talking about over the past week or so is finally taking shape.

I was presented yesterday with a first draft and was pleasantly surprised. I’ll never be 100% happy no matter what design have, that’s just who i am, but i do believe i can get a theme i’ll be happy with on my shoestring budget.

I’ve requested several minor changes and await the second draft. But overall, it’s looking good and will certainly help me cement my place as a unique blogger. My tagline is Irish Internet Entrepreneur so that’s exactly the look i’m going for. Irish colours and look, with a bit of money/business thrown in.

At the end of the day a unique theme is a unique theme and provided it’s web 2.0 and half decent looking, it’s worthwhile getting as nobody will ever have seen it before and thus it helps with those all important first impressions :mrgreen:

I’m not going to show it to you guys it just yet, but i can tell you nufrosh are designing it and if you check out their portfolio, you’ll know what to expect.

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