4 thoughts on “New theme is here!”

  1. Looking good, How you got more than one post on the front page and where do you add yout twitter info?

    Edit: you might want to edit the css of the ajax quick edit, kinda hard to read 😀

  2. cheers, Mongey, i’ll have a look at the AJAX comment thing…

    to add the twitter info, you need to get a plugin called ‘twitter tools’ – http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress

    To get more than one page on the homepage, i justed edited the home.php file… simple case of changing ‘1’ to ‘5’… might take a while to actually find that line of code though 😉

  3. Love the new theme 🙂

    Looks really stylish and clean. I think the twitter plugin looks great too I think I might have to add one of those to my site!

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