new theme going live tomorrow

This week has been a bit of a mess for me. I was off college this week, so it sounded like a great opportunity to put the foot down online, but my decision to completely wipe my PC has cost me about 3 full days. It had to be done though… browsing was slow, all round response time wasn’t a sharp as it should be and photoshop was taking about a minute to start up. The PC would take 4 minutes to boot up. It was now or never – i knew it would take time.

No virus, no malware, it was a combination of too many fonts and photoshop add-ons and a default-ish version of vista. I’ve cleared out all the fancy fonts and addons and worked hard on squeezing every last drop of performance out of vista.

So i’ve a lot of catching up to do online. I did, however, manage to get my new theme perfected this week. New logo, new colour scheme, new layout. It’ll be going live tomorrow and i’ll be making some adjustments as the week progresses.


It’s never a good idea to toy with a live site, but the basic theme is all working… i’ll just be adding new sections and tweaking performance. The benefit of launching a new theme and then working on it is that it forces me in to working on it quickly.

If i let this theme sit offline for a week, nothing will get done. By putting it online, i have to react to feedback, i have to make changes and improvements. So that’s what i’ll do. I’ll miss the wicketpixie theme – it has served me well for over 9 months, but the new theme keeps it simple as should be a lot faster and easier on the eye.

3 thoughts on “new theme going live tomorrow”

  1. Initially ….. the shock at the big difference between it and the last one.

    Looking at it again …. definitely a GOOD difference!

    Well done Sean …. very clean, very professional …. and very promising!

    It get a thumbs up here!

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