new theme goes live

As promised, the new theme i’ve been working on is now live. It’s all very bare at the minute – i’ll be adding pictures and a ‘lifestream’ later on plus i’ve about 12 more plugins to add so it’ll be a busy night and a busy few days for me…

New Blog Theme

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section – here’s a list of bugs i know about, and am working on at present;

  • blog post title issue in Internet Explorer (margins / css)
  • ‘social’ icons have a black background in IE (wrong png format -my bad)
  • hyperlinks within post don’t stand out (easy)
  • Archives page doesn’t load (i know what the problem is here)
  • ‘retweet’ badge slightly out of alignment (working on that)
  • comments link on posts from homepage not working (easy fix)

I’ll write a more comprehensive post about the new theme, what it’s based on, what plugins i’m using etc… over the next few days once i get this current them perfected. But for now, i’ll keep this post short and sweet just like the new theme!

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