new theme goes live on wednesday

smemon old -v- new

I could have waited a while, but i’m eager to get the new theme up and running as quick as possible. I think i’ll work harder once it goes live so it makes sense to put it live as early as possible.

On wednesday i have plenty of time off in college so that will give me a chance to make the switch and make sure everything goes smoothly. I’m not sure what it is about changes, but they always seem to give you an added little boost to work rate.

Whether it’s a new feature or a new design, it has the same effect for me… a good effect. And i need all the positive effects i can get at the minute. Traffic is down 12% so far this year on the same period last year.

smemon stats

Although stats are only as meaningful as you want to make them, i do feel this blog has suffered over the last 6 months or so. These days there is less time and ultimately less thought put in to posts, so it’s pretty rare you’ll see me post ‘killer‘ articles like i have done in the past.

Hopefully that will change though.. one quality post can lead to insane amounts of traffic so i will be attempting to produce a few once this new theme goes live. Whilst keeping this blog alive and kicking with quality content is my priority, i don’t want to see traffic decrease at any stage and that’s what’s happening right now as you can see from the graph above 🙂

Quality posts will naturally get traffic though, so i must be critical of myself when traffic decreases… it means standards are slipping. That’s just one reason why this new theme is going live – to inject me with more creativity and focus on producing better quality.

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