New Speakers Ordered


For a few weeks now my speakers (Creative Inspire T7900) have been giving trouble. The volume will fluctuate randomly and it’s now doing it to the extent that it’s too annoying to concentrate on anything else…

I’ve taken apart the remote control twice which i feel is where the problem lies but i still haven’t been able to fix the problem. Last week whilst cleaning up everything i could get my hands on, i disconnected all the satellite speakers, cleaned them, checked connections to the subwoofer and everything was perfect. The problem seemed to be a bit better but that didn’t last long, they’re still acting up. Worse than ever before.

Logitech X540
Creative Commons License photo credit: Booddin

So i’ve gone ahead and ordered a new set of Logitech X540’s. I know some of you will ask why don’t i just contact creative and get a replacement remote control or send it away to be looked at etc… but that’s just too much hassle, plus it will probably cost me something (as the speakers are 5 years old now). Creative aren’t known for their fantastic customer service either.

When searching for possible replacements, it didn’t take me long to find Logitech X-540’s which have a whopping 297 reviews on amazon with an average rating of 4.5/5. They’re only £59.99 and based on those reviews plus ‘official’ reviews, they seem to be just what i need… a decent set of speakers which aren’t stupidly overpriced.

As far as i remember my current speakers cost about €100 about 5 years ago. They’re a 7.1 set up whereas this is a 5.1 set up, so i’ll lose two speakers but on the plus side it’s two less bits of plastic in my room taking up space and gathering dust 🙂

Amazon are normally pretty quick with deliveries (even with their free shipping option) so i should have these by wednesday…

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