new modem on the way

shoot me

These past couple of weeks, my broadband at home has been disgracefully slow. I’ve started using o2 mobile broadband exclusively it’s that bad. The problem with these phone companies is that they won’t do anything unless you kick up a fuss and tell them there’s something wrong…

It’s incredible how they get away with it… in most cases a quick check of the line stats tells them there’s something up. So why don’t they monitor lines regularly and take a more proactive approach than waiting until customers complain? I’ve no doubt there are many people up and down the country who are putting up with crap broadband because they’ve known no better. The type of people who will only complain when broadband literally stops working. In reality nobody notices or cares about the difference between 1mb and 7mb.

They only noticed how slow youtube is at loading videos or how long a certain webpage takes to open. That’s how they measure speed… so poor performance goes largely undetected.

My modem is about 5 years old and vodafone suggested replacing it with a shiney new vodafone branded one because they can’t see my log history on my old modem. Of course it’s not free, unless €80 is free.

Now my old modem is old, but it’s working fine… however rather than give vodafone excuses, i decided to go hunting and picked up the same modem on ebay for €30, second hand. So i should get it this week, i’ll install it and it’ll be one less escape route for vodafone to go down.

We’re due ‘enhanced’ broadband any day now (sometime between October & December), so i look forward to uncongested 8mb broadband 🙄 I’ll be lucky to see half of that speed but at the minute, i’d just be happy to see a stable 0.5mb connection. I can’t even get that…

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