new logo page

I’ve created a new logo page on the blog, under the new ‘portfolio’ section.

On this page, i’m gonna display all the logos i’ve designed. I’m not a designer, never claim to be, but i have created plenty of logos and blogged about them before, so i thought i’d showcase them all on one page.

new portfolio page

I feel it’s a nice addition to the site, it shows off my skills as a part time / wannable designer and it also encourages me to design more & design better :mrgreen: At present, there’s 16 logos up on the logo page, but i’ve probably designed 25+.

By the time i finish up in college (roughly 2 years time), it will be interesting to see what sort of portfolio i have 😈

2 thoughts on “new logo page”

  1. Cheer LB, i used to use fireworks and illustrator but i’ve finally got to grips with photoshop so i use it all the time now…

    it’s simply a case of downloading free brushes, patterns, gradients, fonts and then just mashing them all together until you come up something you like 🙂

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