new iphone to be revealed tomorrow (officially)

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We pretty much know what to expect with the new iphone thanks to an employee leaving it in a bar behind him & gizmodo’s subsequent detailed review… but apple will officially reveal the new iphone and tell us all about it tomorrow at their Worldwide Developers Conference

We already know it will have iphone 4.0 OS, we know what that can do & we know what the phone will look like. Thanks to gizmodo’s review, we know all its major features so it will be interesting to see how apple handle the launch. They’ll have to throw in some surprises otherwise it will all be one huge anti climax.

Also expected to be revelaed at WWDC, is Safari 5 which is Apple’s answer to Google Chrome 5. We can quickly rubbish it as a browser though as it still has no add ons / plugins which make Chrome & Firefox the success stories they are. Although Firefox seems to be a million time slower than Chrome (which is my main browser), i still find myself using Firefox for an add on called ‘firebug’ which is still a bit buggy in Chrome.

So speed is important, but ultimately people will wait on quality if the quality is worth waiting for. Right now safari is quick but that’s really it.

Anyway, i’m sure we’ll be sick to death of hearing about this iphone before long and whatever else apple announce tomorrow. Unlike most of these apple propaganda conferences, i’ll actually be closely following this one as i intend to buy the new iphone whenever it comes out here.

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  1. Just a note on your problems with Firebug on Chrome, I've found that the Chrome Developer Tools are a more than adequate replacement.

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