new improved blog launching wednesday

I’ve finally got my own custom built wordpress theme to gain that cutting edge over so many other bloggers out there. I’m by no means saying my theme is ‘better’ than anyone elses or better than a free one, but mine will be one of a kind and related to my niche only so it can’t be copied or used elsewhere.



That can only be a good thing.

It’s been a long battle trying to find a quality designer, getting a reasonable price, creating something that is unique but web 2.0 and related to the blog’s topic…

Not as easy as i thought it would be i have to say, but as always, persistence pays of and i’ve got what i set out to get.

Anyway, i’m not going to simply launch it instantly like most people do, without warning. I’m going to hold off until tomorrow night just to tweak little bits and pieces and make sure it’s all good. It’ll also create suspense and hype on some scale and that’s always good 😈

I’m delighted with it all, the code is clean, the design is neat and it’s very simple, so in many ways it’s just a pimped out version of my current theme. So i’ll let you guys say your goodbye’s to this theme and i’ll roll out the new tomorrow (probably late tomorrow night) 😎

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  1. no, it’s not a unique design blog 🙁 i couldn’t afford them. like i said, full details on the way tomorrow 😎

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