new host to cope with growth..

as my sites expand and grow, it’s become clear I can’t just run a cheap monthly account with any old bandwidth and storage cap.

JPEGr collapsed under it’s own weight recently (although it never actually exceed my current bandwidth or storage cap at dreamhost 🙄 ). But dreamhost put it down to JPEGr‘s growth rate and use of server resources so I had to act. Arguing with them wasn’t getting anywhere.

I’ve joined lunarpages on a 1 year deal for a total of $65 (plus I get 1 month free). With a generous 2.5gb data transfer per month, and 200gb storage, it should ease the load on my server at dreamhost so i can now shuffle about my sites between the two. I’ll probably move JPEGr to the new lunarpages server and keep the rest with dreamhost for the time being to see how it goes.

Just to make sure JPEGr doesn’t let me down again, i’m going to strip it to the barebones and do away with anything that isn’t needed. I could just sell it and cash in, but i feel i can take it further and for $65/year, i feel over one year, i could add $500+ to it’s selling price, so it’s a no brainer really…

So a new host for me and it comes very highly recommended from a few friends 😎 Time will tell…

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