new hard drive ordered

Earlier today, i ordered a new internal hard drive whilst in college. At the time, there were no labs free, so i was in the canteen… wireless was down too. Why does that matter? Well, this is a good example of how i’ve managed to get around problems.

Hard Drives
Creative Commons License photo credit: mL.

If a lab isn’t free (i.e. i have no access to computers), that’s a problem, but it’s a problem i’ve gotten around by buying a netbook. If i can’t get a wireless signal or the network goes down, that’s another problem and one that annoyed me last year. This year, it’s no longer a problem as i have mobile broadband which, so far, i have to say is ultra reliable.

Anyway, because i’m not bashing my head of a wall in frustration, i can get things done… i spent about an hour this morning looking at hard drives, looking at prices and i finally ordered a Western Digital Caviar Black (640GB);

  • 640GB
  • SATA 3Gb/s
  • 32mb cache
  • 7200 RPM

I already have a Western Digital Caviar Blue (500GB), so this new drive is slightly larger and slightly faster in theory. I’m not going to notice a massive speed difference – that’s not the reason i ordered it (although every little speed boost helps). I ordered it as i intend to install windows 7 on it and leave vista on my existing hard drive, so i’ll be able to gradually switch from vista to windows 7. It’s the smartest and safest way to switch operating systems.

I really wasn’t looking forward to hitting that ‘format’ button on my existing hard drive as the switch will take several days. If i’d wanted or needed to get college work done it might have caused some headaches if certain software didn’t work or wasn’t installed on windows 7 so this hard drive will basically ensure i can set up windows 7 to my liking and in my own time.

My XPS 420 also has a free Hard Drive slot, so i may as well make use of it and give myself 1.14TB of storage which will be more than enough for me right now.

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