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suzuki swift

Just over 4 years ago, i was getting ready to sit my leaving cert exams and i bought my first car. A 2000 renault megane hatchback. Now, that car is 10 years old and past it’s sell by date. Not the sort of car i can rely on to complete a 70 mile round trip to college every day. That said, ironically, it never let me down getting to or from college over the last 3 years…

But it did quite literally grind to a halt coming home from the airport last year and needed towing. A couple of months ago it died suddenly too whilst driving… things like that seem to have gotten more frequent as the years go on. Plus there’s 120k miles on it too. 50k more than when i got it. So i was always going to end up with another car shortly, it was just a question of how long ‘shortly’ was. At the start of the year, it was listed as one of my ‘10 goals‘.

Last summer, you might remember this blog post about my girlfriend buying a new car. A year on and there’s only about 3,500 additional miles on it and i’d imagine i’ve put a good 2,500+ of them on myself :mrgreen: So it’s obviously not getting much use. So i needed a new car… my girlfriend had the opposite problem – she didn’t really need a car at all yet she’s still paying for it 🙂 So the solution was obvious really. I’m buying her car.

suzuki swift 1.3GL

suzuki swift 1.3GL

suzuki swift 1.3l GL

She wins because her loan is paid off and she doesn’t have the added expense of tax & insurance… i win because i get a new car which i wouldn’t have been able to afford had i been buying it from a garage or privately.

It’s only 4 years old & it’s Japanese, so it should give zero problems for the next few years. Low mileage, remote central locking, heated mirrors, outside temp reader… a few reasons why i instantly warm to it over my old car (my old car had none of those). It’s a bit pokier too. Also pretty easy and fun to drive… it hugs corners regardless of what speed you’re travelling at.

The only the downside is that it’s only a 2 door and seats 4 (well, there’s only 2 seat belts in the back). That’s not a big problem though as it’s rare i have 4 passengers with me. Another problem is the wheel trims or steel wheels for that matter… i have this thing about steel wheels. I think it’s criminal to buy a brand new car without alloys. It just shouldn’t be allowed.

This car isn’t brand new, but it’s still new enough to deserve alloys so i’ll probably invest in a nice set of alloys for it too at some stage which will make it lighter, improve handling and most importantly make it look better and cared for. So there you have it. I now own a 2006 Suzuki Swift.

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  1. yeah i got a bargain… i'm just waiting on it to fall apart now once it's in my name 🙂 i've been a taxi for the past 4 years so that won't change much!

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