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About this time 3 years ago, i got myself a new Casio Exilim ex-s600. It had served me well up until recently but the time is right for something bigger and better. My casio does record video, but at pretty low quality (well not HD quality). HD quality is now the minimum standard for any sort of video recording device…

Anyway, my original casio battery died on me about a year ago (just stopped working one day) and the replacement i got is also starting to struggle for life. 3 years is a long time in IT so technology has moved on quite rapidly as it tends to do.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ladonite

I could just buy a new battery and go on using the same camera for another few years but it’s almost embedded in me to upgrade, not because i can’t fix my camera, but because i know it’s well behind the times and i wouldn’t be happy paying to maintain an old piece of technology when i could just buy a new one and not have to worry about upgrading for another few years.

It’s like windows 7 – i could easily have stuck with vista and took the ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’ approach but that’s not a great attitude to have at this stage in my life 🙂

I could question the need for a new camera – most of my photos are taken with my phone these days and i’m not exactly travelling around the world every week so i may not get to use it much… but at the same time if i had a top of the range camera at my disposal i’d be much more likely to take it with me if i’m heading out anywhere.

Photography isn’t really my thing, but i appreciate it’s art form. Anyway, if i was getting a new camera, here’s a list of things i’d want it to have;

  • 6 megapixels + (not too important)
  • Small and lightweight (doesn’t have to be ‘size zero’ like my casio)
  • 5 x optical zoom (very important and the more the merrier)
  • Shoots HD video
  • Wide angle lens
  • Allows optical zoom to be used in video mode

Don’t be surprised at all if i order a new camera over the next week or so. Once i convince myself i need something it’s extremely rare i’ll change my mind… right now the panasonic lumix tz7 is no.1 on my list, but i’ll be doing my homework to see if there’s anything better out there.

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  1. I am a college student and am looking for a durable but quality camera. I currently have an Olympus and I hate it…the picture quality is TERRIBLE. I want a camera that will produce crystal clear photos along with automatically getting rid of red eye. Any suggestions?

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