naked camera guy..

I’m just back from a PJ Gallagher gig (a.k.a. Jake Stevens off “Naked Camera” – an Irish comedy TV programme).


The man is a legend and i’m a huge fan of Naked Camera.. It was a very small crowd here in Monaghan.. mainly because it was a last minute thing..

I heard about it from a girl who works in the place.

I’d say there was about 50-70 of us in a small function room.. (in The Squealing Pig)..

We got in early at 8pm, he didn’t come on until about 9.15pm so we got pick of the seats 😆

There were free pints of Smithwicks on offer (unlimited as far as i gathered) but too late, as i’d taken the car in 🙄

Anyway, i couldn’t stop laughing… the material was pretty strong.. and he wasn’t afraid to take the piss out of random people. I had hoped to get a few pictures but left my phone in the car 🙁

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