n95 pics and video..

Here’s a few uncompressed pics and youtube video’s i’ve uploaded – taken of course with the n95. Remember, these were taken with a phone 😯






My opinion of the n95 hasn’t changed over the weekend.

The battery life, as i expected has lasted for 24 hours, for 2 days now. That’s with moderate use.. a few pictures, videos, bit of wi-fi, one or two calls.. nothing major.

So you can easily charge it every night and it will have more than enough juice in it for the following day. That said, if you need to use the GPS and wi-fi, for example, when going abroad, you could find the battery going fairly quickly and that’s not a nice feeling :mrgreen:

So i’ve just ordered a proporta usb charger – 3400 mAH of juice 😎 For anyone wondering what the hell that is – that’s 3 and a half times the capacity of the n95’s 950mAH battery. So that little baby, can charge the n95 over 3 times without needing to be charged itself 😯 N95 Battery problem – what battery problem 😈

It also comes with a range of connector heads for ipods, usb powered devices etc.. it costs €44.96 + €4.50 delivery, but i got 10% off, having google’d for coupons 😆 So i got it delivered for €45.74 😎

I’ll let you guys know when it arrives, hopefully by Friday. So yeah, i’m pretty happy with the n95.. i’m only starting to get into all the 3rd party applications, and they are pretty sweet. For example, yesterday, i took a call via skype on my mobile :mrgreen: that’s thanks to the fring application which allows you to tap into your skype, msn, gmail chat accounts and pre-loads all your contacts and shows who’s online/offline etc..

How can you not be impressed with that?!

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