N95 on the way (again)..

It’s been about 3 weeks since i first ordered the n95 from mobilefun.co.uk and over a month since i decided i wanted it :mrgreen:

They let me down. They took my money and then a week later said they don’t ship to handsets to Ireland. So determined to get the n95 in my hands, i found another seller on an irish forum – boards.ie

He’s got his hands on a few at a reasonable price €625. So if anyone is looking for one, i can put you in touch 😉 Anyway, i’ve sent payment and hopefully i’ll get it thursday, i’ve probably just missed the dealine to get it tomorrow 😥

1 thought on “N95 on the way (again)..”

  1. Sorry to hear. One day or two won’t harm you, there had to be one advantage in working in an office in city centre, huh? 🙂 It is a great phone, I can tell you that. Managed to easily move my contacts (exported from k750i using fma as vcf files, then drag and drop over to nokia pc suite contact sync tool, easy).

    Tonight will try wifi, let’s see!

    For now only complain is it is too loud and haven’t defined a profile for silent yet, but I want my whole office to be annoyed by my new phone like they annoy me with theirs! 🙂

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